“Shelter Me should be required reading for all professionals who work with victims of domestic violence and their family.  It will serve as an inspiration to those who suffer from such violence as well,” saying Ethan S. Rofman, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine.  

​“Judy Shine Logan's novel 'Shelter Me' paints a disturbingly accurate picture of the chaos and violence suffered by millions of battered women every day. If you see yourself in Terry's story, please get help. If you recognize a friend, sister, or mother, please get help. Terry's story is any woman's story, and we need to start listening. Ms. Logan's book illustrates that anyone, in any small way, can positively impact the life of a battered woman...just by listening,” submitted by a Domestic Violence Advocate.  

​“This fictional story intertwines the tribulations of young versus old, love verses dependency, and good loss versus bad when two women are thrown into a friendship by events beyond their control. They teach each other to empower their own lives, leave the past behind, and embrace their own new futures. Ms. Logan’s “Shelter Me” is a riveting and honest account for women everywhere who have gone through the hell of domestic violence.”  Paula Darois-Verlicco, LPN.  

​“Shelter Me is a story of two women, strangers until fate and their words bring them to an unlikely and life-changing friendship. Together they question the price of love, the value of self and the courage to examine their paths with honesty. This is a must-read for all women who have lived under the shadow of someone else and think they just might be ready to change the words to bring them safely into the sunlight.” Tess Marts, Founder and Director - Goffstown Adult Education Program,  Goffstown, NH.  

​“I was immediately interested in the main characters. This is the kind of book that you want to finish all at once. Fortunately health care professionals are better equipped today to spot abuse despite the best efforts by the abused to hide it. I hope we get to follow Ann and Terry in another book. Well written.” Kris Bopp, LPN. 

​“Ms. Logan has successfully captured the essence of the domestic violence cycle. Her captivating story draws readers into the mind, heart, emotions, and struggles to avoid the pitfalls a typical battered woman and her children may face.”  Kate Christensen, Educator  


Shelter me

When friendship is all that remains.

Judy Shine Logan