Widowhood Grief is the most painful experience known to man (sic). Yet most of us sadly have to face it at some point in our lives. Understanding more about the process leads to surviving it and enjoying life again. 
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- Author Unknown

Spousal Abuse
Spousal abuse goes much further than physical beatings. The crushing of a spirit with emotional abuse is just as damaging if not more so. 
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The Widow's voice

Judy Logan is a member of several writers’ groups in Las Vegas, and is an accomplished public speaker and Masters Level educator. For the past 25 years, Judy has designed and developed educational curricula for a Fortune 500 healthcare system, as well as creating and training a GED curriculum for a NH school system before relocating to Nevada this year. Judy has three grown children and a feral cat named Pretty Girl.

Judy writes from her experience both as a wife, widow, and coordinator. The words she places on paper come from the heart.  Often we see much about battered and abused women. However, no one know what a widow goes through. The abondament, the fears, the hopelessnes of losing yourself in life. 

Judy is The Widows' Voice, who speaks for all widows who need their fears and needs to be voiced and provide them with hope for a better future.